Triangle Pose – Trikonasana

Alignment of┬áTriangle Pose – Trikonasana

  1. Stand feet apart with the length of both wrists, body facing the longer side of the mat.
  2. Hips squared and toes turned inwards, heels should be in line or slightly outwards.
  3. Inhale with hands up to the sides of the body with shoulders relaxed and rolled back.
  4. Tilt hips to the left side and extend torso diagonally upwards towards the right while rotating left shoulder back slightly to lift chest up.
  5. Keep legs, hips, spine and shoulders all in one line.
  6. Rotate the right hand downwards towards the ground and left hand stretching straight upwards towards ceiling.
  7. If one is unable to reach the ground with hand, a block may be used but minimal weight should be placed on it.
  8. Moola bandha, Uddyana bandha and Jalendhar bandha applied.
  9. The most pressure should be on the lateral side of the left leg by pushing it downwards towards the ground while pulling up the right leg.
  10. Ensure that the left and right side of the torso are straight, lifted and in line while legs are straightened.
  11. Gaze at the left hand while ensuring shoulders are not lifted but pressed down.
  12. Beginners can use the wall to gauge how the body should be in a straight line.
  13. Repeat on the other side.


Common mistakes:

  1. Left side of torso tilted forward because chest is not in line.
  2. Strained neck because Jalendhar bandha is not activated.
  3. Right side of body is not elongated.
  4. Hyperextension of right leg because weight is not properly placed on the left.

Benefits :

Back pain, blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, helps with indigestion, promotes calmness and concentration, strengthens and stretches the legs, hips, back and sides of the torso and arms, improves balance, flexibility and functions of kidneys.


Look downwards instead of upwards if one has high blood pressure, look straight instead of upwards if experiencing neck problems, avoid if one has low blood pressure, diarrhoea, headaches, back or spinal injuries/pain.

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