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Gym vs yoga 15 clear difference and benefits

gym vs yoga

Yoga is immersing as one of the biggest ways of health practices with many people finding it difficult to find out which one is best for them a gym class or a yoga asana session so let us see few points in the article to explain the whole point and concept of the Yoga and GYM classes.

1. Multidimensional effect on various body organs

Yoga, as practised in 200 hour yoga teacher training, has the power to affect organ and correct their functioning through asana practice. Many asanas like cobra pose and goddess pose act on the various system by its massaging action specifically on the muscle of the abdomen.

2. Maintain your calories intake

Long gym session of one hour can make you crave more and you might end up eating more than the body requirements but a properly done yoga session is more focused on the revitalization of the energy and end up increasing the vital organ functions and main among them is the digestive system.

3. It can cure secondary symptoms of many diseases

Many secondary symptoms of diseases like headache muscle aches and joint pains can be relieved by the yoga session if done as per the regulations and rules of yoga teacher training.

4. Can do even if physically unfit

Sometimes it happens that the individual suffers from a dreadful disease and is disabled to do a tiring gym session in such case small session of meditation is enough to relax the mid and gear up the body to fight with other ailments.

5. Easy on pocket

As a regular simple session of yoga does not require a visually attractive equipment lab type set up or fancy clothing to flaunt for that means you can save extra for your monthly shopping.

6. No need to travel distant miles

You can start a yoga session anywhere with the home-based tutorials which can be easily done in your living area or the backyard all you need is a good internet connection and practising space.

7. Helps you in your studies

Have you ever heard of going to the gym and topping your exam session but you can do this with yoga as most of the yoga postures are capable of increasing the concentration power and focus, many practices like chanting Gayatri mantra and recitation of ohm are found to be fruitful in increasing focus.?

8. No after effects of the session

Many times we skip our gym session because we are so tired, our muscle aches and sore to do further workout and we end up taking 2 to 3 days off from the gym but a swift yoga session is more of an energy flowing class that do not completely drains you or exert undue pressure on your muscle.

9. More than just cardio

Running on a treadmill or doing cross trainer, you always think about the energy expenditure but what about the mind? Isn't it also important for the mind to have a proper workout session like your body? Meditation and pranayama do the same they stimulate the nerves in the brain with increased blood supply which results in mental health too.

10. Stimulation of mind

Anxiety and depression are becoming the biggest challenge in form of health professionals. How can you deal with diseases like Alzheimer, schizophrenia etc by giving sedative pills no but by simply doing a long deep meditative session that has the power to change the intellect of a person for the betterment.?

11. Apt for females

Everyone today wants a lean thin body, especially female as the majority of them do not prefer taking heavy barbells and dumbbells on them. They want a system of workout where they do not have to exert their blood and sweat and can easily attain a lean flexible structured body.

12. Fight the pain

Take the example of sciatica trikona asana is a wonderful answer to your back pain especially sciatica which can be the result of post-traumatic back injury motor neuron disease. Yoga practised in 300 hour yoga teacher training can ease out your pain.

13. Feel the spirituality

Yoga can make the connection between the supreme vital force and the dynamic part of similar force flowing inside you which makes one more spiritually connected as in 500 hour yoga teacher training.

14. Do not get bored

Alteration in the class is the heart of the yoga practice like using different props music or even your partner various modifications are available to keep you mentally engaged.

15. Minimal injuries

No doubt if not done under proper guidance yoga can be harmful at times too but simple asana can be easily performed at home and chances of injuries are very less compared to the gym.