15 days Kriya Yoga program in Rishikesh Rishikesh nath Yogshala


$1099 (USD)

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15 days Kriya Yoga program 15 days Kriya Yoga program 15 days Kriya Yoga program

Basic Information

Yoga Style :

Navi Kriya, Khechari Kriya, Guru Pranam, Om techniques, Mahamudra, Hamsha Sadhana, Mahamudra, Pravastha, Jyoti Mudra, and Sambhavi Mudra.

Availabilty :

Available all year round

Group Size:

Group size is kept minimal possible


15 days



Introduction : 15 days Kriya Yoga program

This 15 days kriya yioga program offered by Rishikesh Nath Yoga Mandir is the perfect opportunity to learn the high-end principles of Kriya Yoga in the best fashion. Beginners can also start with First Kriya and then move for higher principles like Navi Kriya, Khechari Kirya, Om techniques, Mahamudra, Hamsha Sadhana, Mahamudra, Pravastha, and Jyoti Mudra.

Overview : 15 days Kriya Yoga program

Kriya yoga is a perfect combination of bandhas, mudras, pranayam, asanas, and awareness. This 15 days program can provide comprehensive knowledge about each of these aspects.

Highlights / Features

All-inclusive study of Kriya Yoga principles regarding bandhas, mudras, pranayams, and spiritual awareness.
Study of Prana-Vidya, the true knowledge of life-force.
Complete study of body principles, meditation and pranayama.
Study of Prana-Vidya, the true knowledge of life-force.

Schedule Dates

Start Date End Date Course Fee
Single Shared
1st Nov 2018 15th Nov 2018 - 1099 USD
1st Dec 2018 15th Dec 2018 - 1099 USD
1st Jan 2019 15th Jan 2019 - 1099 USD
1st Feb 2019 15th Feb 2019 - 1099 USD
1 March 2019 15th March 2019 - 1099 USD
1st Apr 2019 15th Apr 2019 - 1099 USD
1st May 2019 15th May 2019 - 1099 USD
1st June 2019 15th June 2019 - 1099 USD
1st july 2019 15th July 2019 - 1099 USD
1st Aug 2019 15th Aug 2019 - 1099 USD
1st Sep 2019 15th Sep 2019 - 1099 USD
1st Oct 2019 15 Oct 2019 - 1099 USD

Daily Program

08.00 a.m - 08.00 p.m

Monday - Friday.


Swami Nityananda Giri

He has completed his PhD in Cytogenetic. His main interest in Kriya yoga which he was introduced in 1994.

Swami Muktananda

He has 15 Years of Teaching experience.His main interest in meditation, Pranayama, Mantras Chanting & Yoga Philosophy.


1: Accommodation facility includes rooms with state of art facilities and high-end equipment. 2: Facility of luxury services as per the demand. 3: Television, AC, Wi-Fi, Geyser, and other facilities. 4: Quality vegetarian foods are provided prepared with top class hygiene.


We provide best quality vegetarian foods using most organic ingredients.
Foods are prepared maintaining top class hygiene.
Foods are thoroughly quality tested.

Inclusion & Exclusion

What's included

  • Complete accommodation facility.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • TV, AC, Geyser.
  • On-demand luxury facilities.
  • Quality foods.

What's not included

  • Personal goods, beauty products, etc.
  • Products of any specific brand the person prefers.
  • Bus service.



No refund is there upon cancellation. The amount is taken as the cancellation charge.

Refund Policy

Deposits are non-refundable; it is considered as cancellation charge upon cancellation

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