500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh Yoga Ashram Rishikesh

$3100 (USD)

500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Basic Information

Yoga Style :

Hatha Yoga Technique, Yoga Sutras, yoga physiology, yoga nidra, anatomy,

Availabilty :

All around year

Group Size:

Group size is minimal


56 days



Introduction : 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Ashram Rishikesh is one of the renowned school accredited with Yoga Alliance USA certification. 500 hour yoga teacher training course is the highest level of yoga teacher training course including the study of multi-style yoga. This course strengthens and enhances the fundamentals of yoga to the next level. We provide high-end amenities for a better understanding of this course’s crucial concepts.

Overview : 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This course being the highest level of yoga courses is assigned to our most experienced and specialist trainers to teach our students. We provide our students with an opportunity of learning vast values if Indian traditions and cultures. Our 500 hour yoga teacher training course is globally acknowledged.

Highlights / Features

Study advance and multi style yoga
Learn about the concepts Yoga in the Vedas, Yoga Sutras and Yoga enlightenment etc.
Detailed study of various mantras and their relevance in yoga study
Learn about the concepts Yoga in the Vedas, Yoga Sutras and Yoga enlightenment etc.

Schedule Dates

Start Date End Date Course Fee
Single Shared
14th Nov 2017 11th Jan 2018 3100 USD -
14th Dec 2017 11th Feb 2018 3100 USD -
14th Jan 2018 11th Mar 2018 3100 USD -
14th Feb 2018 11th Apr 2018 3100 USD -
14th March 2018 11th May 2018 3100 USD -
14th Apr 2018 11th Jun 2018 3100 USD -
14th May 2018 11th July 2018 3100 USD -
14th Jun 2018 11th Aug 2018 3100 USD -
14th Jul 2018 11th Sept 2018 3100 USD -
14th Aug 2018 11th Oct 2018 3100 USD -
14th Sep 2018 11th Nov 2018 3100 USD -
14th Oct 2018 11th Dec 2018 3100 USD -
14th Nov 2018 11th Jan 2019 3100 USD -
14th Dec 2018 11th Feb 2019 3100 USD -

Daily Program

05:30 am

Time to Wake up

06:00 am

Herbal tea is served

06:15 am

Class on Yogic cleansing

06:00 am

Breathing technique and Mantra Chanting class

07:30 am

Learn about Yoga Therapy and study on Yoga Asana

09:00 am

Time for Breakfast

10:30 am

Additional studies on yoga asanas as well as yoga therapy

11:30 am

Yoga Philosophy Class

12:30 pm

Yoga Philosophy Class

03:30 pm

Lunch Time

04:30 pm

Study of breathig technique and Yoga nidra

05:00 pm

Advanced practice of Yoga Asana

06:45 pm

Special classes of Meditation and Breathing technique

08:15 pm

Dinner time

10:00 pm

Lights off


Module - 1:Classes on the study of different styles of yoga asanas, physiology and anatomy which helps to recover various health issues. Also study about pathology of different health diseases. Module - 2: Learn the extended study of science relating to yoga poses and yoga therapy. Yoga practice is done twice a day i.e. in the morning and evening. Learn to heal various diseases through yoga practice. Study advance level of Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga poses as well as higher levels of all yoga forms. Module - 3: This module mainly focuses on physiology and anatomy altogether with the study of common mistakes of yoga and methods of correcting these mistakes. A question and answer session is held in this module. Also learn about the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Gita, Upanishads and Yoga in Vedas and their principles. Module - 4: This module focuses on the study of Yoga Nidra. Also study the relevancy of mantra chanting during the yoga practice. Study of scientific dimensions of Yoga Mantra chanting, Prayanama/yoga breathing, Yoga Nidra and Kundalini energy centers etc. is also included on this module.


Yogi Mohit

He has experiences of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. He has also attended a lots of camp s held by Baba Ramdev at different parts of India.

Yogacharya Sandeep Pandey

He completed his master degree of yoga from Sanskrit University of Haridwar and he learned mediation from hundreds yoga masters in rishikesh.


Availability of single and shared rooms with attached toilet/bathroom Rooms are air conditioned 24 x 7 hot and cold water available Three times meal is served a day Green tea and fresh fruits are also served Free Wi-Fi Housekeeping facility


Green Tea
Fresh Fruits

Inclusion & Exclusion

What's included

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Accommodation
  • Laundry, Kitchen
  • Library
  • Detox Yoga ki
  • Housekeeping facilities and much more

What's not included

  • Airplane or travelling fare
  • Bus and Cab facility
  • Any special Indian food can be ordered from the restaurants from the nearby market
  • Some personal stuff like perfume, oil, shampoo etc

Things to do

  • Apart from the facilities that we provide, students have to take care of their needs on their own.



Paid amount is non-refundable upon cancelling the booking

Refund Policy

Deposited fee is non-refundable

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