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Meaning of Om and How It Is Used in Yoga

Meaning of Om

Om is a very simple word which has a complex explanation or meaning that it has in it. Om is considered as the start of the world and will remain till the end of the world. It had the powers of the supreme deity in itself. This small but powerful word contains the world, the whole universe and much more beyond it. There is a much deeper meaning of Om that we can't predict. It starts with a significance of life and ends with maturity and devotion. There is so much more about it that we simply can't hold on to everything. So, let us start from the basics and then we will move towards the wider aspect of Om in yoga.

Meaning of Om and How It Is Used in Yoga

Om is the essence of Hinduism since the beginning of our culture. We often greet each other with Namaste along with Om in the recitation or along with any other god name like Om Namah Shivaya which means offering your prayers to Lord Shiva; it is considered as the heart of our mannerism in Indian origin and roots.

Let us look at the literary meaning of om and how its more deep and intellectual attribute as in yoga practice is so important, The origin om is from Sanskrit word which translates into three sections where three different alphabetic sequence A, U, M denotes the union of three prime supreme energy that is Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva which can be represented in form of our mind body and vitality also. The gesture is one of greeting and offerings toward their gods in India and many Asian countries. It is a symbol of respect, love and care along with the devotion towards almighty.

Role of Om in yoga practice in day to day

Most often we hold our hands together in the prayer position or Namaste with the recitation of Om from the base of the mouth and place our hands at our heart chakra. Heart Chakra - or Anahata Chakra is located in the position of your heart right at the left side and at the apex- is related to your circulatory and respiratory system; we can also do camel pose or ustranasan to activate it. It is often considered that our hands move from our eye to our heart in acknowledgement toward our elders and teacher. And usually, Om is said to be the heart and soul of the yoga class and plays a very important role in yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

The basic foundation for another mantra

Remember Gayatri mantra and many other mantra how it starts, it starts with the pronunciation of Om itself every mantra recitation no matter for which chakra it is for which powers it is, it will start with om which denotes that om is the building block for every minute mantra and chanting as done in yoga classes in 200 hour yoga teacher training. Om is the recognition of the internal aura that every individual has and is spoken out in form of the light in everybody and in the honors of that light in you.

Significance of Om

If you have ever tried the recitation of om during your meditative session you must be aware how soothing this practice is, the whole vibratory effect that stimulates the skull passing through your head and pouring from your nostrils is so powerful that nobody will belive that such a small word has so much impact but its true and can be experienced only by self-practice.

om meaning

When we recite Om with the meditation it has altogether a different impact on everything be it our thinking out intellect and execution. It pumps up positivity in our perception and inception and the way we look at the circle of life. It Reduces tension and anxiety this also acts on the other symptoms of anxiety like a headache, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, sweating and abdominal pain.

The energy generated repairs and replenishes our cells. In various researches and studies, it has been found that the sound of "mmmm" that is produced during the recitation of Om has the vibration action which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system or vagus nerve which further have relaxing effect on the mind as well as the brain. This brain mapping activity shows that impact of Om during a 300 hour yoga teacher training classes is real. It opens up the deep phases of the mind. This state extracts the energy from both the conscious and unconscious mind

In 500 hour yoga teacher training, we have explained the details of the philosophy of this beautiful word and how it is originated and how it loves to gods that increase its signification in the path of spirituality as well as mental liberation.