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Book Yoga Training Rishikesh Terms and Conditions

Book Yoga Training no doubt provides the most useful information for the yoga enthusiasts around the globe for finding. However, there are certain terms and conditions we expect every visitor over our site understand. Given below are the Terms and conditions that every user is recommended to go through.

  • Book Yoga Training is simply a platform where one can find, compare, select, and book yoga training services or the service providers. We don’t provide any kind of yoga teacher training at our office; neither are we authorized to do so.
  • Being a renowned service provider, we provide the most honest reviews of the students about the yoga centers over our site. Undoubtedly, we collect the real reviews from these students or the visitors. We neither pay them, nor get paid from any of the institutions for such reviews. The reviews provided by the students or the travelers are their personal reviews. We don’t have any relation with such reviews. Hence, if anyone feels anything in contrast to the reviews made available over our site should not complain us. We want to make it clear that we will not remove, modify or edit the reviews in such circumstances.
  • Our service is exclusively to be a booking platform for yoga training services. We are not professionally associated with any kind of review writing.
  • The information we provide at our site is always best to our knowledge. However, the authorization of changing the offers, timing, prices, etc is indeed in the hands of the concerned training institution. They might change things at any time. Our service is simply to provide the platform where one can book the services. Once booked, the user should connect with the concerned institution regarding any kind of complain they have regarding timing, fees, etc. We will not entertain any kind complain of such, neither any sort of request to interfere with the decision of the concerned institution.
  • The reviews we provide at our site are true to the best of our knowledge. However, we put the reviews of only the students or the actual visitors of the concerned institution. We won’t put the review if someone fails to prove being a student of the concerned center, neither entertain request of the outsiders.
  • It is here to mention that the reviews provided by a student or a user should only be focused about the personal experience of him/her regarding the services of the concerned institution. We are not going to publish anything that targets any specific person,individual or official of the institution.
  • We don’t allow any kind of hate speech, about any person, community, tradition, belief, or even about the city (Rishikesh) at our site. Book Yoga Training never writes any paid reviews as well.
  • We can assure the users about safe transaction through our platform. We hold responsibility of any kind of inconvenience regarding the transaction only. We will not be responsible for any kind of refund, from the institution for any kind of inconvenience or cancellation. They should only complain to the concerned institution in this regard.