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What is Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga differs from other kinds of Yoga, as it does not imitate a cardio workout and it does not want the holding of yoga poses that may be too much for some Fibromyalgia sufferers. In a restorative yoga session, one can expect to spend lengthy periods of time lying on blankets, blocks, and yoga bolsters, that are all specially designed to make the poses as low impact, effortless and relaxing as possible. With each of the skillfully designed restorative yoga poses creating deep levels of relaxation for the mind and body. Each and every organ function improves the muscle function, and overall better feeling of comfort, as restorative yoga pose works to smoothly nourish the body by allowing tired, achy and taut muscles to inertly relax. Restorative yoga is an admirable choice for anyone who needs to allow their body time to keenly relax, heal and restore itself from usual higher force exercise, as well as the pressure from day to day life. It can be especially valuable for anyone suffering from severe Fibromyalgia symptoms, not only as it is so calm, but also because it offers the right soothing, welcoming and sometimes even nurturing surroundings that some Fibromyalgia sufferers need.