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What is yoga?

According to Oxford dictionary yoga is defined as the Hindu spiritual or aesthetic discipline which includes breath control meditation and scientific postures of the body which is practiced for better health and relaxation. This definition of yoga very well explains the meaning of the yoga but somehow fail to correlate the real essence of yoga with mind body and soul. This deals with somewhat superficial aspect of it. Or in a simpler term we can say that yoga is form of physical asana just like any other exercise again which does not hold the real truth but a broader bird eye view of it. Let us see the real understanding of yoga from a perceptive of ancient old science and art of living.

Yoga derived from the core Sanskrit work yuj that means to join together which can be considered as the union of the mind body and soul with the supreme vital energies. since ages yoga has been the heart of many lives, it is believed that yoga has been in the practice in India before even the invention of any manuscript so the written data related to yoga practices was been formulated very late in Patanjali, it is also believed and depicted in many art forms and sculptures that Lord Shiva himself practice yoga and he is considered as a yogi.

benefits of yoga

With the expansion of the world and its communication now people around the globe are understanding the benefits of yoga. the discipline of yoga is laid down thousands of years ago is based on the simple methodology of maintaining harmony among the three components of life that is mind body and soul which supports the life with the virtue of knowledge. The roots of yoga practice are in the Vedic wisdom and literature that, makes muscles strong, and limbs flexible, the body more immune and mind calmer and relaxes. The practice of yoga meditation, pranayama, along with diet, and asana leads a person on the path of simple living, higher consciousness, and spiritual elevation.

Ayurveda yoga
Yoga and Ayurveda both are considered as the counterpart to each other in the Rig Veda. They both work in the harmony for the action and reaction on the body. Yoga science is always directed at the foundation of Ayurvedic basis and vice versa. If yoga has to be practiced in the year's old traditional way then it has to be in synchronization with ayurvedic science which provides us much information about how a disease occurs its expressions on the body and how it can be corrected with the help of yoga as a whole entity. It is formed from a Sanskrit abbreviation which translates into Ayur means life and Veda mean knowledge.

It describes three fundamental components in our body which are Vata (air), Pitta (fire), kaph (earth) which is responsible for different behavioral characteristics of our nature, body type and expression of various diseases upon the human body. each one is a combination of all these three indifferent proportion and their balance predominance on one lead to the expression of energy.

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Yoga is divided into different sections which deal with the nature of the disease, treatment, and their connection. Ayurveda yoga deals with diet, drugs abuse, habits, genetical predisposition, family history and choose accordingly the mantras, asana and meditation schedule for the individual that can heal bodily mental and spiritual sufferings. Top ten Yoga schools in Rishikesh provide various Courses that give the insight into the ayurvedic practice that is carefully laid down in the strong pillars of yoga. Hence, you donít have to be worried about anything, just get enrolled and enjoy.